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Brenda Rowlandson

Somatic Psychotherapist  Bondi Junction

Cert Couns, Grad Dip Psychotherapy, MASPA (Clinical), MIAPSP, MIARPP,
PACFA Register, ARCAP Registered

Living Consciously : Loving Well

What makes us who we are

Why we do what we do, and

How we can make changes for the better

A two-day personal development workshop with
Joleen Lasker & Brenda Rowlandson

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Location:  3 Church St, Waverley (Sydney)
Cost:     $350.00

What It's About

For a great many of us, experiences in our formative years can create chronically unhelpful emotional patterns. If we are unaware of these patterns, they will keep echoing in our current lives and relationships in a negative way. These automatic, unconsciously embedded patterns determine how we will react in difficult situations.

When life gets messy and we feel we are falling apart, it's hard to believe that things can ever be any different. We can feel overwhelmed by our emotions and without options for feeling better. However, many people are not aware that we possess an innate but often inaccessible resource. If we are able to access this inner wisdom, then self-empowerment, resilience and more fulfilling relationships become within our reach. But the question is, how?

This workshop hopes to address the lack of information and education available to the general population about "what makes us who we are, and why we do what we do", and to explore options for learning more skilful responses.

Aims and Objectives

The workshop will offer an overview of Attachment theory, the Autonomic Nervous System, Emotional (Neurobiological) Regulation, and Mindfulness. You will:

  • Learn how attachment experiences in our early lives influence our present ways of living and loving
  • identify automatic and unhelpful emotional reaction patterns of which most people are unaware
  • understand that your emotions are in fact innate internal signals which provide you with crucial information on which to base your options for a more appropriate and productive response
  • explore how consciously tuning in to your innate resources can help you make better choices on your own behalf and create more ease and intimacy in your relationships

For Further Information or To Register:

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Your Presenters

Joleen Lasker

B. Soc. Sc (SW)(Hons); M.Ed; Grad Dip Adult Training and Development
Dip Psychotherapy, MASPA (Clinical), PACFA Reg, ARCAP Registered

Joleen's background is in Social Work, Counselling and Psychotherapy, with individuals, families and groups. As a psychotherapist and group facilitator she has worked in a variety of contexts, including youth, health, education and cross-cultural.

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As an educator she taught for many years at ACAP (The Australian College of Applied Psychology) and has also been invited to teach at various training institutions both here and in South Africa. As well as being a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) practitioner, she is particularly interested in how attachment relationships are formed, from the perspective of interpersonal neurobiology. Her training as a Somatic Psychotherapist has given her enormous respect for the extraordinary wisdom of the body-mind.

Brenda Rowlandson

Certified Counsellor, Grad Dip Psychotherapy, MASPA (Clinical)

Brenda has been in private practice in Sydney as a Somatic Psychotherapist for 20 years. Throughout her work in the field of psychotherapy she has noted the substantial

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lack of information and education for the general public about "what makes us tick" and the forces that shape us as human beings. She believes that, armed with the information contained in this workshop, it is possible for a person to begin to understand and transform automatic and non-useful ways of being in relationship with self and others, into more resilient, more empathic and ultimately more empowering ones.

Both Joleen and Brenda are Clinical Members of ASPA (Australian Somatic Psychotherapy Association) and registrants with PACFA (Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia) and ARCAP (Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists).

The Venue

The venue is spacious and comfortable. It is easily accessible by public transport and within walking distance of Bondi Junction. Parking is available on the street.

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Morning tea will be provided but lunch will be BYO or alternatively, there are many cafes within easy walking distance. Wear warm, comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water, a cushion, a light blanket and a notebook.